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Wookie Whiskey

It'll put hairs on your chest! Hi, we're Wookie Whiskey, an independent brewery operating out of Kashyyk. Established over 100 years ago, whiskey flows in our veins. Quite literally... part of this whiskey is made using the blood of Wookies. Fermented in barrels made from the finest Kashyyk oak and mixed with salt water taken from our planet's rich oceans. You won't find better whiskey anywhere in the galaxy.

Get in touch!

Let us know what you think using the contact form. Remember though, customer service Wookie's have been known to rip people's arms off when they lose...

Our Other Projects

We are part of the Wookie Goodies Group plc. Our other products include beard oil, combs, anti-flea powder, shampoo, conditioner and really sweet, delicious fudge.

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