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I'm Han, Captain of the Millenium Falcon and arguably the saviour of the galaxy. I've been described as many things - a rogue, a scoundrel, a scruffy-looking nerf herder... I'm now retired and, finding myself at a loose end with no Imperial Starships to outrun or princesses to save, decided to start a blog to share my valuable knowledge and experiences with the galaxy.

Recent Articles

I Survived Carbonite

May 2013

It all happened so fast. Pursued across the galaxy by a fleet of Star Destroyers, I turned in helpless desperation to an old acquaintance for sanctuary. There was a little existing bad blood between us (after all, I won the Falcon from him a few years ago) and it turned out that he still held a grudge. Soon I found myself marched down to a bizare smelting plant as the first human test subject to be frozen in Carbonite. Boba Fett could just have put me in handcuffs, but I assume Jabba wanted me frozen in rock to be sure I couldn't use my charm and wit to wriggle out of yet another encounter. [Read on...]

The Kessel Run

February 2013

Parsecs... Oh, parsecs... People have often turned to Yoda to seek a scientific and religious answer to this immortal question. Aren't Parsecs a measure of distance, not time? The fact is that a Parsec is a measurement of both distance and time. That's what lightspeed is, you see - the manipulation of time and space together. Forget that though, the maths and science aren't important to us here in this galaxy. They're things for the boffins to consider in more serious science fiction. Here we prefer shiny, colourful swords and massive spaceships that all fly at the same orientation through zero gravity. [Read on...]

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Shoot First (Then Cover it up in Post-Production)

Being a loveable rogue is tough. Very tough. The problem is that you need to be enough of a bastard so as not be classed a "good" man (like boring Skywalker), but do enough good deeds to make people like you. Personally, I've always been motivated simply by what's in it for me, and found that a successful way to achieve rogue status. When Greedo had me at gun-point, my motivation was simply to avoid dying. Some saw this as slightly detrimental to the "loveable" side of my character, as I seemingly killed a man in cold blood. Luckily I am fortunate enough to be a product of the imagination of a man who can't just leave things alone, so he went back and fixed it! [Read on...]