Magic Tiger

My name is Pete. By day, I'm a teacher. It's a lovely job. One of my hobbies and passions is computers, particularly coding and web development. Over the years, I have taught myself to code by putting in a lot of hours, losing a lot of patience, expending a lot of energy and giving plenty of blood, sweat and toil. This site is what I have to show for almost 6 years of stresses.

I am coming close to considering myself moderately skilled in HTML, CSS and Javascript. I have used various CSS building tools, such as Zurb Foundation, Bootstrap and Pure CSS. I am also moderately skilled with Wordpress and have begun building my own, basic, themes.

I'm always trying to build my knowledge and experience wherever I can. My interest and excitement has no limits. Please have a look around this site and tell me what you think. Any tips, hints, suggestions or - dare I say? - criticisms will be recieved on a varying scale of gratefulness.

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Hopefully you have had a chance to look at a couple of the "real-world" sites that I have designed for friends and family. You can find links to these to the right, underneath the tiger face! You can find links to these above. Email me if you would like one of your own building and hosting for free!


In order to flex my coding muscles I like trying to recreate sites I have seen around the web. Below are recreations of some of those sites. I have changed the details to those of Star Wars characters. If, by some incredible quirk of high improbability, you recognise one of these sites as your own design, and you are unhappy with it, just let me know and I will take it down. Honestly though, a more favourable reaction for all would be you feeling flattered that I considered your site cool enough to spend hours recreating in code.

Please note! These are non-functioning pages. I built them as practise and so links that would, if the site were functioning, navigate a visitor around are disabled.

Yoda's blog

Han's blog

Obi-Wan's blog

Wookie Whiskey

Sith Happens

A Basic Article Layout


As I slowly get to know Javascript, Jquery and how more complicated front-end code works, I have put together some small, functioning, pieces of code that I have been working on. Some are little apps, others games. A lot of them are still work-in-progress so please bear with me for anything that doesn't work.


Javascript UI practise

Rock, Paper, Scissors


Old pages

I have been learning, on and off, for six years now. Over time I have made many pages. With hindsight, lots of them look terrible. Many of them were never finished and don't work. But they are all here, for your viewing pleasure!

Photo Gallery
This is a page on which I attempted to create a photo viewer. I partially succeeded, though the code is a bit buggy and I'm not sure the code is as streamlined and neat as it could be. If you have any constructive comments then they would be gratefully received!

My first homepage
When I first started, this is the page I created. The design isn't exactly edgy, but what I was focussing on was coding the tab menu, which I think I did quite well, with a little help.

Ball Tees
An artist friend and I joked about selling a line of t-shirts showing his cartoons. His last name was Ball so most of the interest was the potential pun in the company name. Never one to miss a trick, I took the chance to design a shop-front.

Just some buttons that I styled with CSS.

An old page for my gallery. It was unfinished but I like the CSS animations.